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Application Fee


Peace Officer Basic


Detention Officer Basic


Public Safety Communication Basic


All Courses, Non-Refundable

The Montgomery G.I Bill, Wyoming Workforce Investment Act, as well as the WLEA Deferred Payment Plan are available

Preservice Summary

This program provides qualified applicants with the opportunity to gain certified entry-level law enforcement training at their own expense; making them sought after in the marketplace among potential law enforcement employers.  Peace Officer Basic, Detention Officer Basic, and Public Safety Communications Personnel Basic courses are available.


  1. Submit the application and $400 non-refundable application fee. 

  2. Upon acceptance of the application, applicants deemed to meet the initial qualifications will be invited to complete the following at WLEA:

    • Participate in and pass the WLEA Physical Fitness​ Assessment at the same standards as basic students. 

    • Participate in and pass P.O.S.T Test with a minimum performance standard of 70%.

    • Participate in an initial interview with a background investigator

    • Participate in a psychological evaluation

  3. If the above conditions are achieved, a thorough background investigation is conducted and submitted to the Basic Programs Manager for review. 

  4. Upon the recommendation of the Basic Programs Manager, the candidate is invited to attend a future Basic Course. 

Applicant Requirements

  • Be a United States Citizen

  • Possess a high school graduate or equivalent

  • Possess a valid driver's license

  • Have no convictions of any crime(s) punishable by imprisonment in a Federal or State Correctional Facility

  • Be a person of good moral character as determined through a background investigation

  • Be free of any physical, emotional, or mental condition that would adversely affect the performance of the duties of a Peace Officer, Detention Officer, or Public Safety Communications Officer as determined by a complete medical examination and comprehensive psychological test

  • Pass a rigorous physical fitness assessment (Peace Officer and Detention Officer Only)

Downloadable Resources

Click below to download the Preservice Handbook

Medical Clearance Form

Prior to commencing your WLEA journey, it is imperative to meet all essential prerequisites. It is mandatory for all prospective students from agencies and individuals undergoing Preservice to satisfactorily complete the prescribed Medical Clearance Form.

Click below to learn more about the Medical Clearance Form

If you are interested in the Preservice Program, contact us at

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