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Medical Clearance Forms & Medical Clearance Form Addendum

Medical Clearance Forms Update

WLEA is pleased to announce an extended validity period for Medical Clearance Forms. As of now, the Academy will accept Medical Clearance Forms completed within 1 calendar year from the course start date. To ensure compliance, please take note of the following guidelines:

If a Medical Clearance Form is completed within the year, but exceeds the 90-day timeframe before the course start date, it is mandatory to complete an Addendum. Please be informed that Medical Clearance Forms completed more than 1 year prior to the course start date will not be accepted.

Important: Students who have previously completed a Detention Officer Medical Clearance Form for DOB attendance are required to complete a new Peace Officer Medical Clearance Form before attending POB.

For any further information or inquiries regarding Medical Clearance Forms or Medical Clearance form addendums, please feel free to reach us at 307-358-3617.

Peace Officer & Detention Officer Medical Clearance Forms

All prospective students from Agencies and individuals going through Preservice must complete the mandatory Medical Clearance Form

Click below to download a Medical Clearance Form

Medical Clearance Form Addendum

Submit an Addendum alongside your Medical Clearance Form, if it is submitted within the current year but surpasses the 90-day limit before the course start date.

Click below to download a Medical Form Addendum

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