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Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Police Officer?

The most common path to becoming an officer in Wyoming is to be hired by an agency first. This option is the most popular, because your agency pays the entire cost of your Basic Training. Additionally, hired officers receive their salary and any other benefits while they are attending Basic Training. If you are selected by a police department or sheriff's office, they will conduct a background investigation, psychological evaluation, and a polygraph, as well as any other evaluations they consider in their hiring process. Before being hired, you will also need to take the POST Entry Level Test. More information on that test is available here: . The other path to becoming an officer is the Academy's Pre-Service Program. This option allows you to pay out-of-pocket to attend Basic Training before being hired by an agency. Find out more about the Pre-Service Program here

How do I request a public record?

Requests need to be made directly to the Attorney General's "designated public records person," according to the 2019 revision of Public Records Act. According to law, you as the requestor must make the request. We as the Academy cannot forward a request on your behalf. The email to send these requests is