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Preservice Summary

This program provides qualified applicants with the opportunity to gain certified entry-level law enforcement training at their own expense; making them sought after in the marketplace among potential law enforcement employers.  Peace Officer Basic, Detention Officer Basic, and Public Safety Communications Personnel Basic courses are available.

Course Fees:

The Montgomery G.I Bill, Wyoming Workforce Investment Act, as well as the WLEA Deferred Payment Plan are available

  • Application Fee:  $400

  • All Courses, Non-Refundable

  • Peace Officer Basic: $4,600

  • Detention Officer Basic: $2,300

  • Public Safety Communications Basic: $900


  1. Submit application and $400 non-refundable application fee. 

  2. Upon acceptance of the application, applicants deemed to meet the initial qualifications will be invited to complete the following at WLEA:

    1. Participate in and pass the WLEA Physical Fitness​ Assessment at the same standards as basic students. 

    2. Participate in and pass P.O.S.T Test with a minimum performance standard of 70%.

    3. Participate in an initial interview with a background investigator

    4. Participate in a psychological evaluation

  3. If the above conditions are achieved, a thorough background investigation is conducted and submitted to the Basic Programs Manager for review. 

  4. Upon the recommendation of the Basic Programs Manager the candidate is invited to attend a future Basic Course. 

Downloadable Resources

Applicant Requirements

  • Be a United States Citizen

  • Possess a high school graduate or equivalent

  • Possess a valid driver's license

  • Have no convictions of any crime(s) punishable by imprisonment in a Federal or State Correctional Facility

  • Be a person of good moral character as determined through a background investigation

  • Be free of any physical, emotional, or mental condition that would adversely affect the performance of the duties of a Peace Officer, Detention Officer, or Public Safety Communications Officer as determined by a complete medical examination and comprehensive psychological test

  • Pass a rigorous physical fitness assessment (Peace Officer and Detention Officer Only)

If you are interested in the Preservice Program, contact us at

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