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Outside Resources
For Post Credit

Below is a list of resources outside WLEA to expand and refresh your knowledge, and receive P.O.S.T. credit while doing so.

In order for POST to accept the training, there are 2 options. There either needs to be a certificate of completion entered into Acadis OR (if no certificate is available) the Agency's Training Point of Contact needs to verify that training was attended. This verification can be done in the form of an attendance roster and time/date of completion; much in the same way that they log in-service training into Acadis already. 

For questions about Acadis, or obtaining P.O.S.T. credit, please contact P.O.S.T. directly at 307-358-8213.

WLEA is not affiliated with any of these resources. 

Paid Resources                       

Policeone Training Academy- Entire Online "Academy" Of Topics. Paid Account Required. Certificates Upon Completion


Justice Clearing House- Subscription Based Training. Options For Individual Officers As Well As Agencies. Agency Options Allow Supervisors To Have Dashboard Access To Their Employees' Attendance/Participation. Certificates Available.


Free Resources                       

Ending Violence Against Women International (Evawintl)- Specific To Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault Investigations. All are Free Of Charge. Online Courses/Modules, Interactive Material, And Final "Test." Courses Do Have A Certification Of Completion Once All Material Is Successfully Passed.


COPS Training Portal (USDOJ)- FREE Online Training. Need An Account, But Certificates Are Available Upon Completion. 


Blue To Gold Law Enforcement Training- Free & Low-Cost Webinars. They Specialize In Search And Seizure, Interview And Interrogation Law, Use Of Force, And Report Writing. ​



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