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Traffic Laws

Traffic Laws

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Course Summary

This class will introduce the student officers to the elements of specific traffic statutes which are most often enforced by the uniformed officer. Identify, from a list of various traffic laws, which would or would not need the element of “highway”. Identify the liability concerns associated with operating an emergency vehicle, as defined in state statute. Identify the legal requirements, or elements (e.g., general vs. specific criminal intent) needed for most traffic related statutes. Identify the two (2) types of statutes used in uniform traffic code enforcement. Identify purpose for, and use of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Course Requirements

To receive Wyoming POST Credit, students must attend at least 90% of the course and actively participate.

Special Instructions

Dress attire for this course is business casual or agency uniform.

Equipment List

Note taking tools.

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