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Stress Management

Stress Management

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Course Summary

To provide the student a basic introduction and knowledge of stress, causes of stress and a basic understanding for managing stress. Define stress. Recognize differences of internal and external stressors. Identify those unique stressors that are handled by public safety workers. Recognize several unique traits of emergency service personnel. Identify “image armor” and how it may affect their lives and others. Identify the “Top Ten Stressors” for emergency service personnel. Understand the concept of personalization in relation to the top ten stressors. Identify common ways to relieve stress. Identify early warning signs of a critical incident. Identify the process to gain control over stress. Identify that stress is a product of a lifestyle. Understand the best defense against stress.

Course Requirements

To receive Wyoming POST Credit, students must attend at least 90% of the course and actively participate.

Special Instructions

Dress attire for this course is business casual or agency uniform.

Equipment List

Note taking tools.

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