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Peace Officer Basic


Peace Officer Basic

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Course Summary

Students are taught and evaluated on curriculum established and certified by W.L.E.A. and WY P.O.S.T. Subjects include: Constitutional Law, Search and Seizure, Laws of Arrest, Firearms, Custody & Control, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Building Searches, Traffic Stops, and Investigations.

Course Requirements

Students must have a WY P.O.S.T. Temporary Certification and be employed by a Wyoming Law Enforcement Agency or be a Pre-Service Officer. Given the physically demanding nature of this course, students are required to complete the WLEA Physical Fitness Assessment to the prescribed Cooper Standards on the morning of the first day in order to continue training. To receive certification, students must complete a variety of written and physical skills exams. Additionally, the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy cannot admit, or consider any applicant for admission, who has not been issued a temporary P.O.S.T. certification number prior to application.

Special Instructions

Once your application is processed you will receive a detailed list of the equipment needed.

Equipment List


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