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EVO Instructor Course

EVO Instructor Course

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Course Summary

Students receive training in all aspects of the EVO system including liability, legal issues, pursuit ideologies, police vehicle maintenance, advanced driving skills, range design/validation, high center gravity vehicle operations, off road vehicle operations, distracted driving, and Below 100 Introduction.

Course Requirements

Given the fast paced learning nature of this course students are required to complete the WLEA EVO Basic Skills Course in less than 70 seconds cone free and Accident Avoidance at 35 mph cone free on the morning of the first day in order to continue the course. To receive certification students must complete the a written exam with a minimum performance standard of 80% as well as a 20 minute instructor presentation. In order to receive your certificate, you MUST also complete the General Instructor Development course, which is in conjunction with Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor Certification. The certification is valid with WLEA for a 2 year period.

Special Instructions

The uniform for this course is BDU pants and a collared shirt or agency uniform. This is an O.E.T. scholarshipped course and is offered free of charge to officers certified in the state of Wyoming. Please note, this course does have a No Show Fee. Cancellations must be received 2 business days before the start of the course. After that time, the No Show Fee may be charged.

Equipment List

1. Duty leather gear 2. Duty ballistic vest (if issued) 3. BDU pants and collared shirts or agency uniform

Available Courses Listed Below

Course Title
Start Date
End Date
Application Deadline
Confirmation Deadline
EVO Instructor Course
Jun 5, 2023
Jun 9, 2023
May 5, 2023
May 8, 2023
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