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Communications Basic


Communications Basic

Certification Type:

Basic Certification

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Course Summary

Students are taught and evaluated on curriculum established and certified by W.L.E.A. and WY P.O.S.T. Subjects include: Interpersonal Communications, Civil Liability, Crisis Intervention, Telephone Procedures, and Radio Procedures.

Course Requirements

Students must have a WY P.O.S.T. Temporary Certification and be employed by a Wyoming Law Enforcement Agency or be a Pre-Service Officer. To receive certification, students must complete a written exam with a minimum performance standard of 70%. Additionally, the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy cannot admit, or consider any applicant for admission, who has not been issued a temporary P.O.S.T. certification number prior to application.

Special Instructions

Note taking and classroom gear.

Equipment List

The uniform for this course is business casual or agency uniform.

Available Courses Listed Below

Course Title
Start Date
End Date
Application Deadline
Confirmation Deadline
PSCB 23A70
Mar 13, 2023
Mar 24, 2023
Feb 25, 2023
Feb 28, 2023
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