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Advanced Crash Reconstruction

Advanced Crash Reconstruction

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Course Summary

This course will provide the student with the necessary training in the principles of traffic crash reconstruction to such level of proficiency that reconstruction and analysis of the collision will be possible.  This course will assist and prepare the student to testify in court at the expert level. Focuses of this course include:     Explanation of formula derivations     Mathematical review of problem solving     Study of Newton’s Laws of Motion, kinetic energy, minimum speed and combined speed formulas     Study and use of the airborne equation     Study and use of the critical speed equation     Theory and use of simultaneous equations to solve inline collisions     Rollover crash reconstruction     Theory and use of vector analysis  In order to successfully complete the course, students are required to attend all scheduled instruction and to obtain a passing grade on the final examination.  The student who fulfills the above will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Course Requirements

To receive certification students must attend and complete 90% of this course.

Special Instructions

The uniform for this course is business casual or agency uniform.

Equipment List

Note taking and classroom gear

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