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Shotgun Armorer Course

Course Summary

This course, taught by Defensive Edge founder Greg "Sully" Sullivan, covers the Remington 870 and Benelli shotguns. All students will have the opportunity to inspect their shotguns and make any repairs/corrections in class to ensure that it is in top working order. This is a hands-on class that will entail custom fitting of parts, so expect to be doing lots of hands on work.

Course Requirements

Students are required to attend and actively participate in the course.

Special Instructions

Students are required to register both with W.L.E.A. as well as through Defensive Edge. To register with Defensive Edge, go to, complete the Defensive Edge Law Enforcement Training Application, and submit it via fax to 763.712.1434 or via email to The fee for the course is $450 will be paid to Defensive Edge during their registration process. An additional fee of $110 will be paid to W.L.E.A. for lodging and meals.

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Shotgun Armorer Course








Courses may be modified due to COVID-19 Restrictions

1. Remington 870 and Benelli shotguns.
2. Gun cleaning equipment.
3. Clothing suitable for working on guns.

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