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RDS Handgun Instructor

Course Summary

The Sage Dynamics RDS Handgun Instructor course identifies and fills a training need for the instructional gap in
fundamental differences between teaching traditional iron sight handgun and a Minatare Red Dot Sight (MRDS) equipped
carry or duty weapon. Due to the increasing popularity and adoption of MRDS handguns, existing training programs,
policies and regular training and practice must meet the needs presented by the MRDS handgun.
This course instructs the instructor on the technology, concepts, principles and methodology best suited for teaching the
MRDS platform to experienced or novice shooters, and is specifically tailored to the audience, be it citizen, law
enforcement, or military to address specific needs in student development.
Students can expect an immersive class covering the academic and actionable aspects of the MRDS, as well as a two-day
drill and scenario course of fire that will cover the most important points of instruction for students.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to currently serve as a firearms instructor or have an above average firearms proficiency on the handgun. Students will be expected to pass a written exam on day one, and a culmination qualification on day three in order to receive a completion certificate.

Special Instructions

Class maxed out at 18

All course fees are due no later than two weeks prior to training unless specific arrangements are made beforehand. Payments can be made by electronic invoice (major credit cards) or by money order.

All students will be subject to a criminal background check.

To register for this course, please reply to

Once registered through Sage Dynamic, Register through WLEA to register for Room and Board.

WLEA Room and Board Fee: $55 per day. Due to COVID, the Academy is operating at reduced housing capacity. Housing will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

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RDS Handgun Instructor


Instructor Certification




Courses may be modified due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Required Equipment:

•RDS equipped handgun in serviceable condition with a minimum of 3 double stack magazines. Single stack weapons should be accompanied my 5-7 magazines
• Duty gear for LE/Mil students
•1000 rounds
• 50 rounds duty ammunition (for instructor qualification)
• Holster (the holster you use or will use to carry your weapon) cross draw and shoulder holsters are prohibited
• Magazine pouch
• Hydration.
• Pants, comfortable boots/athletic hikers. •Long sleeves recommended.
• Hat, eye protection and ear protection.
• Cleaning and basic tool kit.
• Marker (seriously, bring a marker)

Recommended equipment:

• Gloves
• Sunblock
• Weapon lubrication
• Knee and elbow pads
• Lunch/snacks
• Additional magazines for all weapons

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RDS Handgun Instructor (WLEA Registration)
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