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FLETC Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Course

Course Summary

The Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program (ASTITP) is designed to provide a field training agent or officer with high quality training and instill the analytical knowledge, skills and aptitudes needed for the highest proficiency in this specialized field. The course takes Active Shooter Threat Tactics Training to the next level by emphasizing leadership, teach backs, and adult learning as well as the traditional technical skills needed by field training officers and special agents. This course is an intensive training program that covers a variety of tactical subject matters to include: individual and team movement and operational formation. In addition, this program focuses on the role of the field trainer and emphasizes evaluation skills and documentation requirements.

Course Requirements

Applicant must be a law enforcement officer with arrest authority in the prevention, detection, apprehension, detention and/or investigation of felony and/or misdemeanor violations of federal, state, local, tribal, or military criminal laws.

Must be able to participate in intensive training lasting up to ten hours per day.

Must not have any medical restrictions.

Special Instructions

Students must register with both FLETC and WLEA. To register with FLETC go to

The cost of this course applies only to lodging at WLEA.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to run properly, this course requires a minimum of 18 students. If the minimum number of applications are not received by the deadline, the course is subject to cancellation.

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FLETC Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Course


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Courses may be modified due to COVID-19 Restrictions

1. Note taking and study tools.
2. Duty gear including hand cuffs, hand cuff key, and flashlights.

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