I would like to welcome you to the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy’s website.

Our Academy is statutorily tasked with providing training for our Wyoming peace officers, detention officers, communications officers, coroners and deputy coroners.  To accomplish this mission, our services fall within two divisions: Basic Training and Special Programs.

Basic training is the foundation of the services we provide our state’s law enforcement agencies and county coroners. However, a component within Basic Programs is the Pre-Service Program. This Program allows a citizen the ability to sponsor themselves if they wish to attend basic training.  A significant background check is prerequisite to being invited to a pre-entrance test.  Eligible candidates are required to successfully pass a fitness assessment, written and psychological testing and a Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.) examination before they are eligible for admittance into the program.

Another function of the Academy is to provide advanced training opportunities to satisfy the continuing education requirements as established by P.O.S.T.  Our Special Programs division develops, coordinates and hosts forward thinking and progressive training courses. These courses can range from updates of current trends and issues facing our law enforcement community to achieving an instructor certification in a given area of expertise.

In addition to our advanced training the Law Enforcement Academy established a partnership with the Office of Homeland Security in September of 2003. The foundation of this program is to provide awareness level training (WMD, ICS and Interoperative Communications Training) for Wyoming’s first responders.

As an avenue to provide our state’s law enforcement and governmental agencies the opportunity to utilize our facility and its available resources, agencies are permitted by statute to use our Academy for their meeting and training needs. Opening our doors as a centralized training facility within our state allows agencies the ability to meet or exceed their meeting and training requirements.

In closing, our dedicated staff is committed to its mission of providing quality, up-to-date and cutting edge basic and specialized training. A goal of each section, as with every staff member, is to support and enhance the training services that we provide. This foundation of services is designed to create and maintain a professional learning environment that is both pleasant and comfortable.

Thank you for visiting our website. If by chance you have a question or cannot locate the specific information that you are seeking, please feel free to contact myself or any member of our staff.

Director David A. Harris

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